How to Farm Monster Stones

The Notorious

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22 Haz 2020
Dear Knights,

We have been removed the monster stones from monsters. You can only drop from big bosses.
You must be above lvl 70 for enter the monster stone dungeon.

- Monster stone farming -

1-Achievement System

There are some achievements in the game which can be obtained if you fit specific criterias. You can get some monster stone drops from here. You can list through all achievements in the Menu -> Achievements.

If you press U -> Achievements you can see all achievement titles which you already have. You can have active two achievement titles at one time. One will displays before your name but will not give you any bonus. Second will give you bonus but will not appear before your name.

If achievement has some reward, you can take it from list of all achievements (Menu -> Achievements). You need to find concrete achievement (column position in achievement list) and click on chest in its right bottom corner.


We added a special sling item into a mining. If you collect 1500x theko sling item, you can exchange a monster stone from Pitman NPC.

3- Boss

You can drop from bosses with high rate.



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21 Ağu 2021

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