How to exchange Power Up Store items in-game?

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The Knight Online Staff
The Knight Online Staff
13 Eyl 2014
Hail Knights!

This guide will help you how to exchange Power Up Store items..

1-) Exchange Magic Bag.

To exchange Magic Bag you have to go "[Trainer] Kate" NPC click "Use Voucher" button then click "Exchange Magic Bag" button and mission completed.

2-) Exchange Premium

To exchange Premium you have to go "[Vendor] Kayra" click "[Premium Item Use]" then click which premium you want exchange.

3-) Exchange wings

You have to go "[Peddler] Hemes" to exchange wing

a- Alencia Wing and Wing Of Hero

b- Exchange Dragon Wing

4- Exchange Golden Mattock & Golden Fish

5- Exchange Pathos Package& Pathos Glove

then click "Cospre Items"

6- Exchange Valkry & Gryhpon & Bahamut & Yeniceri

7- Exchange Premium Potions

8- Name Change Scroll

9- Exchange Knight Cash Voucher

10- Nation Change & Job & Gender

a- Nation Change :

b- Gender Change

c- Job Change

have fun

The Knight Online team