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12 May 2022

Adidas Originals' Gazelle makes an impact wherever it steps. Laid-back and low-profile, adidas shoes for men our range of Gazelle trainers keep it old school, with sleek leather models and OG colourways for on-point retro looks, from stand to street.

The base of the shoe features a white leather upper, with a beige nubuck suede cover the toe and heel area. Giving the shoe a pop of purple are the adidas gazelle shop online light violet stripes, while a durable rubber outsole ensures best-in-class traction for when you’re on that board – as designed by professional skateboarder Nora Vasconcellos. To complete this super clean design, we’re treated to a fresh white laces for a super soft makeup.

The Gazelle has a long and influential history, especially in the UK. This is in part popularftwr due to its initial popularity in Northern English towns before being adopted by many a British subculture. Thanks to it’s simplistic yet stylish design, paired with a constant marketing revival, this shoe has been firmly in the limelight for over 40 years.

Today it is available in a wide variety of colourways and comes in slightly differing iterations, the most popular of which are the OG, the Vintage and the simple ‘Gazelle’, which is modelled after the 1991 version. adidas shoes women black They feature a suede upper, a unique rubber midsole with a distinctive rough texture, and a contrasting heel patch and tongue, all which make for a sleek yet casual look.